Ry Cooper

Youth Director Extraordinaire

Introducing Ry Cooper, a dynamic youth leader and music enthusiast who’s all about making a difference in the lives of young people. As the Youth Director at The Bridge Church, Ry is dedicated to guiding and inspiring the next generation to reach their full potential while developing a deeper relationship with Jesus.

With a heart full of passion for ministry, Ry pours his energy into creating engaging and impactful programs for youth. He’s known for his infectious enthusiasm and ability to connect with young people on a personal level, helping them navigate life’s challenges and discover their unique God-given purpose.

When he’s not busy leading youth programs, Ry loves spending quality time with his wife Emily, daughter Kyrah, son Zaylen and fur-baby Prince. He’s a firm believer in the importance of family and values creating cherished memories with his loved ones.

Ry’s genuine love for people, unwavering faith, and infectious enthusiasm make him a trusted leader and role model in his community. His commitment to ministry and empowering young people is unwavering, and his positive impact is felt far and wide. #StayHere #GenZForJesus

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